About Barb


My passion for creating Realistic Health and Beauty stems from my Dystonia journey. In 2017 I received a diagnosis of Cervical Dystonia with essential tremor. Dystonia is a neurological muscle disorder that causes involuntary muscle contractions, spasms and abnormal posturing. I received no support from doctors and they continued to refer me to mental health specialists. So, I was forced to go on a long journey to try and understand dystonia and how to deal with it on my own.​


​Although the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation of Canada states that Dystonia is the third largest movement disorder, there is not much known about it. This is because it effects each of us differently. During my Dystonia journey, I tried many different diets, vitamins, therapies and treatments. I was completely overwhelmed with the billions of products on the market and the ingredients contained therein. It was difficult to decipher what is really healthy and helpful from what actually is not healthy and worse, full of harmful chemicals and additives. Then once I made a healthy plan, it was way too expensive or too difficult for me to maintain. Thus, I made it my mission to share my findings on how to achieve health and beauty with realistic ingredients and realistic results at realistic prices.

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